Forage Transport Trailer

The use of modern transport vehicles is a critical part of a successful harvest. One important link in this chain is the correct forage transport trailer.


  • robustness
  • driving stability
  • pulling quality
  • easy on grass and tires


  • Boogie chassis with extremely low pivoting point optimises driving comfort
  • hydrostatic suspension
  • conical design
  • 14 mm round steel chains with a tensile strength of 25 t eachs
  • scraper floor is mechanically driven from both sides
  • steel floor


  • volume:  33 - approx. 65 ³
  • unloading speed: approx. 16.3 m/min at 1,000 rpm
  • max. gross weight: 20 - 34 t


  • spring mounted drawbar
  • hydraulically lockable follow-up axle
  • angled front wall - can be folded down hydraulically
  • spot lights (option)
  • forced steering (option)




Forage Transport Trailer
HTW 65 S
HTW 35 S


In our Media Center you will find impressive shots of our Forage Transport Trailers.