HTW 35 / 35 S

Technical Data

Chassis: Tandem Boogie
Frame dimension (L x B x H), conical: 6,460 x 2,400 x 2,200 mm
Vehicle dimensions  
Length: 7,980 mm
Width: 2,550 mm
Height 3,860 mm
Volume capacity (DIN): 34 m³
Volume capacity with sidewall extensions: 36.6 m³
Max. gross weight (high drawbar): 20.000 kg
Max. gross weight (low drawbar): 22.000 kg
Axial distance: 1.600 mm
Tack width: 2.100 mm
Power demand  
KW 74 - 184
h.p. 100 - 250

Measures, weigths and technical data subject to change without notice. All illustrations, dimensions and weigths do not necessarily correspond to the series model and are non-binding.