Royal 30 K

Technical Data

Dimensions and weights: Royal 28S
Sidewalls: fixed
<b>Vehicle dimensions</b>
Length: 8,800 mm
Width: 2,420 mm
Height 3,750 mm
Ground clearance: 350 mm
Ground clearance with extended hydraulic drawbar: 650 mm
Net weight: 6,180 kg
Maximum gross weight: 16,000 kg
Additional load: 9,820 kg
Capacity at medium compression: 54 m³
Capacity i.a. DIN 11741: 30 m³
Number of knives: 41 pcs.
Shortest theoretical cut length: 34 mm
Pick-up width: 1,900 mm
Power demand:
KW 59 - 132
h.p. 80 - 180

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