Technical Data

Chassis: standard chassis with DLB
Bin dimensions (length x width): 4,800 x 2,550 mm
<b>Vehicle dimensions</b>  
Length: 7,400 - 7,900 mm
Width: 2,990 mm
Loading height: 3,200 mm
Capacity(DIN): 21 m³
<b>Max gross weight</b>  
Road: 12.,000 kg
Field use: 21,000 kg
Transfer conveyor loading height: 4,800 mm
Conveyor diameter: Feeder conveyor 350 mm
  Transfer conveyor 400 mm
Power demand  
PS 88 - 184
  120 - 250

Measures, weights and technical data subjects to change without notice. All illustrations, dimensions and weigths do not necessarily correspond to the series model and are non-binding