Universal Spreader

BERGMANN has always had innovative ideas and encouraged important developments. As a consequence BERGMANN has always been at the forefront of spreader development. With modern, universal, wide working width spreaders, high-quality materials such as compost, organic sludge, lime and all types of cattle and poultry manure can easily be spread over large areas and in an ecologically responsible manner.

DLG-tested and accredited

In keeping with their high standards, BERGMANN spreaders received the highest recognition from the German Agricultural Society for functionality and quality with outstanding spreading precision.


M/TSW 2120
TSW 2120
TSW A 21 (Aufbaustreuer)
TSW 4190 S
TSW 5210 S
TSW 5210 S
TSW 6230 S
TSW 6240 S
TSW 7340 S

In our Media Center you will find impressive shots of our Universal Spreaders.