Important milestones

    2022 Outstanding spreading quality, officially verified by the DLG: Universal Spreader TSW 6240 W with V-Spread - Universal Spreader TSW 2140 E with V-Spread - Manure Spreader M 6240 W with 2-Spread
    2021 125th company anniversary and first virtual trade fair "BERGMANN virtual experience"
    2016 BERGMANN - Quality "Made in Goldenstedt" - since 120 years
    2015 AGRITECHNICA novelties: Beet Transfer Trailer RRW 500 (Tridem) - Combi wagon REPEX 35 K - Grain Transfer Trailer GTW 330 (Tandem)
    2014 Completion of the company's own visitor and employee car park
    2013 AGRITECHNICA innovations: Grain Transfer Trailer GTW 430 (Tridem) - Combi wagon REPEX 30 K
    2012 Completion of the second newly built, self-supporting production hall with 4,000 m² of production area and adjoining social building. The centrepiece of the hall is the paint shop, which was designed according to the most modern aspects.
    2011 AGRITECHNICA innovations: Manure spreader M 2120 - Silage wagon CAREX (tandem)
    2011 Award: The company owner, Dr. jur. Jutta Middendorf-Bergmann, is awarded the Oldenburger Münsterland Business Award as "Entrepreneur of the Year".
    2011 Extensive testing in the DLG Focus Test: BERGMANN has manure and universal spreaders of various weight classes subjected to the DLG Focus Test. With all vehicles, the DLG requirements for distribution quality were met very well / well for all variants.
    2010 Modernisation of the spare parts depot and the dispatch halls
    2009 AGRITECHNICA innovations: Universal spreader TSW 6230 S for the first time with hydraulic chassis - Manure spreader M 1080 - Large-capacity Shuttle combination wagon (Tridem) - TSW A 33 spreader body with GPS-controlled exact spreading on Holmer Terra Variant - BCT 20 control system
    2009 Start of the extensive modernisation measures of the production facility: In the first step, completion and commissioning of the newly built, cantilever welding and assembly hall with 3,000 m² of production area. Ten single-girder overhead travelling cranes form the centrepieces of the hall.
    2009 BERGMANN joins the Competence Center ISOBUS e.V. as an associate member.
    2008 Dipl.-Ing. Ludwig Bergmann, owner and CED since 1976, passes away. His wife, Dr. jur. Jutta Middendorf-Bergmann, takes over his responsibilities. With this arrangement, the company will continue to be successful as an independent family run business.
    2006 A new product in the silage trailer division is introduced, the "Raptor"
    2005 BERGMANN introduces the first self-propelled. GPS controlled, precision spreader which attracts a lot of interest.
    2003 At the AGRITECHNICA, the high-capacity loading trailer "Shuttle" is presented with its unique performance specifications.
    2001 The first spreader with a conical all-steel bin is introduced.
    1999 Silage transport trrailers are added to the product range for machinery for forage and fodder recovery.
    1998 BERGMANN manufactures interchangeable chassis systems with hydrostatic axle suspension.
    1996 A 2-rotor system for loading and silage trailers is introduced
    1995 A 14 x 50 steel link chain is used as a transport floor chain.
    1994 BERGMANN evolves into the specialists for spreading technology as well as loading and silage trailers.
    1984 Loading trailers are equipped with a 2/3 conveyor rake.
    1976 Dipl.-Ing. Ludwig Bergmann joins the company.
    1964 Beginning of the trailer production.
    1963 Silage trailers for forage and fodder recovery are added to the range of products.
    1954 The production of manure spreaders starts.
    1953 Beginning of the BERGMANN "potato harvester era". With the development and production of innovative potato harvesters, the company attains a leading market position.
    1950 Hay and straw blowers follow.
    1946 The production of grain blowers starts.
    1922 The sons, Franz and Hermann Bergmann, join their fathers company and steadily increase production and sales in the decades that follow. Especially with the production of threshing machines - sales of up to 50.000 machines at the end of the 1940s - the company gains a good reputation.
    1896 Ludwig Bergmann senior founds a production plant for agricultural vehicles in Goldenstedt.